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2024 Events


Jan-May, 2024 "Marine Environmental History" course at the Middlebury College California Coast and Climate Change Semester and for the Environmental Management and Policy MA program in Monterey, CA


Feb 26, 28, 2024 College Preparatory School Intraterm, journaling/art/story-telling at Elkhorn Slough and Año Nuevo State Park


April 5, 2024 "The Story of the Filipino American Sailor Florentino Das: Told by Himself, Told by the Novelist-journalist Nick Joaquin, and Told (And Ignored) by His Communities" at the Stories and the Sea Conference at the Center for the Study of the Novel, Stanford University, CA


May 21, 2024 Launch of American edition of Sailing Alone (Viking)


May 22, 2024 Sailing Alone on Bloomsberg Businessweek Radio/Podcast, with Carol Massar and Tim Stenovech, 4:20 ET


May 29, 2024 Sailing Alone at Sausalito Books by the Bay, 6:00 pm, Sausalito, CA


May 30, 2024 Wild Geese Bookshop Wine Tasting/Summer Read Preview, featuring Sailing Alone, Franklin, IA


June 24, 2024 Sailing Alone, in conversation with Steve Jones, Palmer's Provisions and Bank Square Books, 6:00 pm, Noank, CT


June 25, 2024 Sailing Alone at Titcomb's Bookshop, 6:30 pm, East Sandwich, MA


July 25, 2024 Sailing Alone local launch at Bookshop Santa Cruz, 7pm, Santa Cruz, CA



2023 events



Jan-May, 2023 "Marine Environmental History" course at the Middlebury College California Coast and Climate Change Semester and for the International Environmental Policy MA program in Monterey, CA


April 15, 2023 Panelist, "Science Communication in Educational Settings," MARINE Spring Colloquium, Moss Landing Marine Labs, Moss Landing, CA


May 2023 Launch of Ocean Bestiary (Chicago, 2023)


Jul-Aug, 2023 "Protected the Phoenix Islands" SEA Semester, sailing from Hawai'i to American Samoa via the islands of Kiribati aboard the Robert C. Seamans with the Sea Education Association out of Woods Hole, MA


Aug 23, 2023 "Talk of the Bay" radio show with Len Beyea, KSQD, historical whaling, Moby-Dick, and taking students to sea today, 5pm PT


Sept 8, 2023 "Sailing Alone" with Paul O'Doherty's radio show Bookbound, DublinCity Radio


Sept 17, 2023 "Sailing Alone" with Michael Portillo's radio show, UK


Sept 24, 2023 Whale watch and discussion on whales and whaling with College Preparatory School, Monterey, CA




2022 events 



Jan 15, 2022 "Melville's Oceans," Nature Revisited podcast.


Feb 22, 2022 "Marine Environmental Histories and Science Communication," Middlebury in Monterey undergraduate program, Monterey, CA, 2-3:30 pm


April 27, 2022 Interview about sperm whales and giant squid for "The UnXplained" (History Channel)


May 19, 2022 "Ahab's Rolling Sea," Westport Museum for History and Culture, Westport, CT, online 7 pm ET


June 10, 2022 Interview with Julian May (BBC) about cormorants and ukai for art installation "Crossings" by Luke Jerram.


June 20-August 5 2022: "Ocean and Society" two-week seminar with three on-line high school courses ("Plastics and Oceanography," "Sargassum and Marine Ecology," and "Coral Reefs and Climate Change") Sea Education Association, Woods Hole, MA


August 19, 2022: Launch of Audubon at Seaan anthology co-edited with Christoph Irmscher


Sept 25, 2022: "Reading, Writing, Drawing, and Acting on Climate Change with Moby-Dick," San Francisco Maritime Museum," 1-2:00 pm. 


October 2022: Launch of the Japanese translation of Ahab's Rolling Sea.


October 7, 2022: West End Book Club on Lobster (Zoom)


October 10, 2022: Co-interview with Mark Lynch, WICN-Boston, on Audubon at Sea


November 30, 2022: Interview about Moby-Dick with Frank Morano, "Other Side of Midnight," WABC-NY, 02:30-03:00