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Recent Articles

Rich has written (and cartooned for) dozens of articles, book reviews, and interviews in a range of publications, such as Natural History magazine, Leviathan, Hemingway Review, Island Journal, Living Bird, and Ocean Navigator. He's a regular contributor to Sea History and Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors.




Quarterly column "Animals in Sea History" (since 2006) for Sea History magazine include titles such as "Brown Pelican," "Paper Nautilus," "White Whales?," "Swordfish Art," and "Dana Octopus Squid."


Jan 2017: "Gulf of Maine Research Institute: Surveying Casco Bay for the Long Term," Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors 


2017: "Melville's 'Brit': an etymological and ecocritical chomp into Moby-Dick," in The Sea and Nineteenth-Century Anglophone Literary Culture , eds. Steve Mentz and Martha Elena Rojas (Routledge)


Summer 2019: "Book Review of Richard Ravalli's Sea Otters," Sea History 167, Summer 2019, pp. 59-60.


Sep/Oct 2019: "How Herman Melville Still Shapes the Gulf of Maine" Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors






Forthcoming 2020: "How Melville, the Naturalist, Writes of Ishmael, the Climate Refugee," 41˚N, Rhode Island Sea Grant


Forthcoming 2020: "Practices: How Herman Melville Sailed Around Cape Horn and Lived to Yarn About It," in A Cultural History of the Sea: Nineteenth Century, ed. Margaret Cohen (Bloomsbury)


Forthcoming 2021: "Ocean" in A Companion to Herman Melville, new edition, eds. Wyn Kelley and Christopher Oghe (Wiley)