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Recent Projects and Articles

Rich has written (and cartooned for) dozens of articles, book reviews, and interviews in a range of publications, such as Natural HistoryHakai, Oceanus, Leviathan, Hemingway Review, Island Journal, Living Bird, and Ocean Navigator. He's a regular contributor to Sea History magazine.


Quarterly column "Animals in Sea History" for Sea History magazine includes titles such as "Brown Pelican," "Paper Nautilus," "Swordfish Art," and "Dana Octopus Squid."


December 2022: The Cormorant Fishing Boat: A Japanese Craftsman's Methods by Douglas Brooks, for which Rich wrote the introduction.


October 2022: Ocean: Exploring the Marine World, an art book published by Phaidon Press, for which Rich was an advisor. 


August 2022: Audubon at Sea, an anthology co-edited with Christoph Irmscher (University of Chicago Press).


July 2022: "Ocean" in A New Companion to Herman Melville, eds. Wyn Kelley and Christopher Oghe (Wiley)


August 2021: co-authored with David Anderson, "Diverse Voices from our Maritime Past: Exploring the value of  historical observations by mariners of color," Oceanus magazine, 19 August.


June 2021: "Review of Skip Finley's Whaling Captains of  Color," Nautilus 22, 2021, 47-49.


2021: "Practices: How Herman Melville Sailed Around Cape Horn and Lived to Yarn About It," in A Cultural History of the Sea: vol. 5, In the Age of Empire, ed. Margaret Cohen (Bloomsbury)


March 2021: "Audubon at Sea,Hakai magazine, 23 March.


March 2021 "Holly Martin and Solo-Sailing Women," Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors 169.


June 2020"Call Me Climate Refugee," 41˚N, Rhode Island Sea Grant 


May 2020: "Will They Spot a Whale? (Day 2)" and "Black Sailors in the North Pacific" (Day 10) for "Pacific Crossing 2020" Storymap, Sea Education Association